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The Second.School Starter Kit is the base Electronics Kit for anyone to get started in Electronics.  The parts included are the building blocks for simple electric circuits and the videos demonstrate uses for every part in the kit.

All instructions are shared as videos and easy to follow text.  There is no required knowledge for using this kit.

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Make sound with a buzzer
Make a door bell with a button switch
Make light with a Light Emitting Diode (LED Light)

1 x 2012 UNO R3 Board 

1 x Mini Breadboard shield with mini board

2 x Digital tube 4 digit LED display 

1 x Flame sensor

1 x Infrared receiver 

1 x LM35 Temperature sensor 

1 x USB Cable 

1 x IR mini remote control

1 x 1602 LCD LCD module 

1 x 5V stepper motor

1 x 74HC595 shift register chip

1 x Stepper Motor Driver Board 4 channel

1 x 8*8 DOT MATRIX